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I came across this manicure idea yesterday - I don't even remember how I stumbled upon it. But after seeing the 1st YouTube video, I went to Google to search for "Newspaper Nails" and tons of blog posts and vids came up for this cute little technique. I like to be creative, especially when it seems easy, so I had to give it a try. What I loved is that I didn't have to buy anything new for this so if it was a #Fail, no money lost :)

Click the jump for pics and details!

Clean, dry nails

Polished with Essie's Ballet Slippers and Lilacism

Supplies Needed

What you'll need:
  • Base Coat and Top Coat (I use Seche Vite brand. The top coat is PHENOMENAL).
  • A LIGHT colored nail polish of your choice (most people use white. I used Essie's Lilacism on my ring fingers and Ballet Slippers on the rest of my nails).
  • Rubbing Alcohol (some women have used body sprays as they contain alcohol, too)
  • Newspaper clippings (cut into pieces for your nails, about 2x2 size is good)
  • Start with clean, dry nails. All polish removed if you had some on previously.
  • Apply your base coat, allow to dry, then apply your color (2 coats).
  • Allow your nails to dry COMPLETELY before this next step -
    • In a small container (I used the top of a perfume/spray bottle), pour the alcohol inside. Dip your newspaper piece into the alcohol for a few seconds to saturate the paper (if you're using a body spray instead of rubbing alcohol you can just spray the newspaper well).
  • Press the newspaper onto your nail and hold without moving it around for about 20-30 seconds. 
  • GENTLY lift the paper off of your nail and the print will be on your nails.
  • Apply a top coat to your nails to prevent chips and from the print fading, and also to make your nails shiny.
And you're done!

Not bad for my 1st go :)

This YouTube video is where I got the idea - You can see in more detail. :)

Let me know if you try this and your results!

I've been gone for too long!

I want to do something I've never done on this blog before. Post a nail review! :) My close friends know I am very particular about my nails. To the point I am often dissatisfied with getting mani's b/c they just "never do them right". Yes, I am OCD. I love doing my own nails and recently experimented with Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail appliques! I purchased them from CVS for about $10. Check it out:

Tons of designs. I tried the leopard print ones. What can I say, I am drawn to animal prints :)
Here is a pic of my nails right after I applied them this past Friday:
Super-easy (I feel they were) to apply. Today is Day 4 and they're holding up well:
My nails grow fast as you can see at my cuticle. But the tips are not chipping and I don't have any cracks/chips in the polish. I did apply a clear coat on Day 2. The product instructions don't require this but I did this just off my gut. Lol

Here are the basic application tips -

Application tips:
  • Warm the strips with your hands to make them more pliable.
  • Bend the strip over your free edge and use the file to remove the excess rather than tearing it off.  Tearing can result in an uneven edge.
  • Between sizes?  Size up and use the enclosed cuticle stick to remove the excess off your skin.
  • Don’t submerge in water right after applying. I'd say wait about 1-2 hours or you risk the edges lifting a little.
Let me know if you try and what your experience was. I plan to get some more of the other designs.

**Updated March 4, 2011:
It's Day 7 of having these applique's on and they are holding up very well. I'm sorry but regular nail polish would have chipped by now. If you're used to get manicures weekly for about $10, the price of this kit is no biggie. I may do this every other week - Just until I get tired of the designs. :-o Take a look at the pic for Day 7 -

For those who are anti-makeup and/or don't want to look "made up", you should know that makeup CAN look natural. In the pic below I am wearing a full face of makeup.

Concealer: Mary Kay in Light Bronze
Foundation: The Body Shop's Oil Free Liquid Foundation in #10 (SPF 15)
Brows: Filled in lightly with Milani Brow Kit in #3
Mascara: Maybelline Colossal Lash in Black
Blush: The Body Shop in #07
Lips: Lip Pencil in MAC Chestnut, MAC Fresh Brew Lipstick, MAC C-Thru Lipglass

This is my fave natural/toned-down look. As you can see, I use what works for me. I am not partial to just one brand. :)